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A gorgeous natural moisturiser

Do you love herbs? Do you like having skin?

Then you need some Lyonsleaf products in your life.

Lyonsleaf are Ben and Vicky Lyons, some thoroughly good eggs who own a small holding in the Mendip Hills. They have pigs, sheep and herbs on their land, from which they make sublime skin products.

You can find out more about them here.

I am going to champion Lyonsleaf because their stuff has knocked me for six, it’s under £10, and it seems to be made with thought, intelligence, and care.

I stumbled across their stall one Sunday morning at a market in Bristol. One sniff of their Organic Shea Butter and I was hooked.

The ingredient list reads like something an angel would sing in a wildflower meadow: “Sweet almond oil, calendula, vitamin E oil and organic shea butter, lavender essential oils…”

I slather this on at night, after a hot bath, and my skin does a happy dance. It smells good enough to eat but not in a sickly fake-strawberry way; it smells like a lavender field in your nose.


I have dry skin on my arms and legs but a week of using this and it feels softer and smoother. The product is also suitable for eczema or psoriasis. It’s gorgeously rich and makes your skin smell and feel like it’s been on holiday for about, ooh, a year.

I am running out of imaginative similes but I am very keen to impress upon you how good this stuff is. And I have tried expensive lotions and this is better.

Other goodies that are on my wish list are their Orange and Grapefruit Salt Scrub (£9.50) their Mane Tamer (£9.99) and their Skin Firming Body Butter (£9.99)

If you are a knackered first-time mum, a knackered working mum, a knackered stay-at-home mum, or just looking to show yourself, or someone in your life, a bit of PROPER LOVE, then BUY THIS.

(Image sources: Lavender Field, Helen Dixon photography)


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2 thoughts on “A gorgeous natural moisturiser

  1. Hello, It’s Vicky here from Lyonsleaf – We are so blown away by this thank you so much! – We are attempting to market our products, but as noted we’re not doing it very well, so thanks so much for the help. Part of the problem is I’m going to be a busy mum very soon – it’s hard to juggle all the necessary chores on the farm as it is, let alone learning how to sell you wares on the internet too – all very alien. Support like this is spurs us on as well as being practical help. Sending love back, will definitely be keeping up the good work – more products in the pipeline. xxxxxx

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