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Proof you can wear a skirt in the winter/ I fancy her clothes

I met Lara this afternoon in Victoria Park, Bedminster.

She was on her way to a nativity play for one of her three children. I was late meeting a friend. But as soon as I spotted her skirt we fell into a passionate conversation about clothes and in the five minutes we spent walking together, managed to cover a lot of ground, literally and figuratively.

Anyway, here is her lovely self with her son, Henry, and her lovely clothes. And a beautiful tree.


I can’t remember the last time I spotted a woman, mum or otherwise, wearing a skirt during the day, and for that reason alone I salute her. But what makes this outfit work, for me, is the way everything looks pulled together while remaining practical.

She manages to look autumnal without looking wintry, and that hat is just the icing on the cake; it’s the sign of a woman happy to be alive, don’t you think? The coat and boots are a deft touch and the pattern on the skirt pulls the outer layers and the inner layers together. Beautiful and cosy – you can’t get better than that.

Lara’s style tips for busy mums: “Be kind to yourself if you’ve just become a mum – give yourself at least a year to get your figure back. And don’t get so wrapped up in mumsy clothing either – keep those aspirational pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, even if you think you’ll never wear them again – one day you will.”

If you love this look, here are a few pieces to inspire you:-

F&F Black Textured Pea Coat, £35:

F&F pea coat

Redfoot Black Boots at Argos: £89.99

Argos boots

Camel polo neck, BHS, £16:

BHS camel long sleeve

I looked and looked for a skirt similar to Lara’s but couldn’t find anything online. The closest I could come to the colour combination of Lara’s skirt (which is from Next) was this tan and black houndstooth Hobbs skirt which Next is currently selling for £110. I’m sure you can get cheaper houndstooth skirts but this is a good investment piece if you are looking for a classic  to wear for years.

It takes the outfit in a slightly different direction to Lara’s but I think it would work too.

Hobbs houndstooth skirt

Accessorise have a lovely selection of berets at the moment, of which I would probably go for this grey number for the outfit above. (£15) Most good Christmas markets do amazing berets as well.

wool beret

Thank you Lara for your inspiration!


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