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My Christmas list

I’m feeling festive! This may have something to do with the mulled rum a friend brought or the tonne of orange and pistachio stollen which I am slowly munching my way through made for presents.


Or it could just be that after a year which brought a few challenges, I can’t wait for a fortnight of eating, drinking, hugs, quality family time, and playing Monopoly.

And my gift to you is a top 10 Christmas present list for wonderful mums. Why not treat a friend, yourself, or send on to your nearest and richest if they have asked what you want for Christmas?

1. “How to be an idle parent” by Tom Hodgkinson. In an age of anxious parenting, this book says doing less does more for your children. Inspirational, well-written, intelligent. Will change your life.

2. Garnier’s BB cream. Do not wear this if you are going for the sympathy vote with husband, friends, grandparents, or anyone else you want to tap up for babysitting duties. They won’t believe you when you say you’re shattered.

3. A great pair of pyjamas. In the mornings when my daughter is breakfasted, washed, and dressed, and I am still in my pyjamas and doing the dishes, the only compensation is that at least I don’t look like a trog even if I feel like one.  Must be cotton.

4. Coated M&S jeggings. These are flattering, do all sorts of great suction type things to the thighs, and look a bit edgy. I tried on their olive ones (they’re called Forest Green online) and loved them.

M&S waxy jeans

They also had a black pair which I loved. Definitely recommend these. Must try on in-store ( M&S things much better in-store than on-line.)

5. A Clarks gift voucher. Have you seen Clark’s range of boots recently? I can’t decide between these :-

Musky Marloor their ‘Norley Wood‘ boots which are a bit more ‘sensible’.

Norley Wood

It’s a mute point as I can’t afford either, but that doesn’t stop me from pondering. If your rich uncle Barry can buy these for you, then waste no time.

6. A statement necklace.  These are fashion’s way of saying “It’s alright darling, let me do all the work today.”  Kate Moss knew this when she sported the gold necklace on the day her cocaine scandal broke. No one cared about her morals, all we wanted was her necklace. Will absolve a woman of all sins – bad hair, egg on face, etc.

kate moss

I love this Autograph multi-chain necklace:

M&S necklace

and have also spotted some lovely necklaces on Etsy this year, like this one :

etsy necklace

7. A dress from People Tree. Every time I go on their site I fall in love with a new one. At the moment, it’s their ‘Rosabel‘ dress which looks flirty and yummy. It’s also lined with fleece. I KNOW.


8. Not so much a gift as a tip. Pixi-Woo are make-up artists who post online tutorials. Now I understand why they are called ‘artists’. To see what I mean, check out their videos here.

8.5. Bourjois Liner Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner in brown. The easiest liquid eyeliner I’ve used. Makes me feel like a proper woman.

9. A make-up mirror. The day I started applying my make-up SITTING DOWN, IN FRONT OF A MIRROR was a big one.


10. Ryan Gosling in a festive jumper.


Actually – jumper optional. I debated with myself about whether to include this pic as it’s gratuitous nudity. Then I thought – who am I kidding. It’s Christmas.


Hope your children sleep through the night, you get all the help you need, and you have a wonderful holiday with your nearest and dearest. God bless us everyone.


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2 thoughts on “My Christmas list

  1. christiane skinner on said:

    alas too late, too late, your xmas presents already wrapped

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