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My resolutions and layering.

We’re half-way through January. The last two weeks have given me enough time to really crystallise and define what I want to achieve this year.

So, in no particular order, here are my New Years Resolutions.


1. I will find another hairstyle to add to my repertoire of ‘up’ and ‘down’.

2. I will perfect a tumble-turn.

3. Erm.

4. Oh yes – bread. I will make bread.

5. Speaking of food – I will eat more fish.

6. I will try not to buy any new clothes. So far I’ve been successful but I can feel my resolve weakening.

7. I will find a few more musicals to add to my collection.

8. I will get a fabulous job and become a brilliant copywriter.

9. I will wean myself off cheap hair dye kits.

In other news….

I have started wearing a skirt OVER a long shirt-dress. The checked shirt below I normally wear over leggings, which makes me look A Bit Lumberjack. In a bid to make the shirt more versatile I put a skirt over it instead. I am wearing the blood-red heels because I’d just made a cake and fancied wearing heels to wear it, having grown a bit sick of wearing thermals and walking gear INSIDE the house during the Big Freeze. But this look would hopefully also work with boots.

20130120_162620 (2)

SHIRT: Charity Shop

SKIRT, TIGHTS, AND HEELS: M&S (Woman of habit)

If you have any long shirts and short skirts you don’t normally wear together, try mixing them up. Even better, post me a picture.

If you like this idea, you can also try wearing a skirt over a dress, like the beautiful Diane Kruger. I think it’s a brilliant idea that makes your wardrobe work a bit harder to give you some new outfits for free.


I love this modern take on layering and will be trying it out a bit more over the next few months.

Cheerio, Nick





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