Quick Style Fixes for Busy Mums

It's not vanity. It's self-respect.

White Stuff – yes please.

Oh hi!

I had 8 minutes to kill this afternoon before a job interview, so to warm up/ check I didn’t have spinach between my teeth, I nipped into White Stuff.

Gosh their stuff is lovely.

Seriously lovely. It makes me want to say lovely, lovely, lovely. All the time.

I LURVED THIS PINK SHIRT, £37.50. The fabric was soft and slouchy and felt amazing.

white stuff fluro shirt

In-store, this shirt had been layered under a dark jumper like this Louisa Mae sweater:-


and a v simple pendant necklace, which sadly I couldn’t find on their website, so I’m going to go with something like this Mini Spike from Top Shop, which for £7.50 should be a universal right for all women.

mini spikeI also loved their very simple Suzie Lou tee’s, which came in a range of colours but I was drawn to the Charcoal. For £20, this is gold. It felt like really good quality cotton, had enough stretch to be flattering, and would go with everything. Perfect for a busy mum who wants a bit of tailoring. TAILORING IS OUR FRIEND.


Hopefully next time I’m in the area I’ll have longer than a couple of seconds and will be able to take some snaps. In the meantime, if you’re near a store, definitely pay a visit – this is for women who want to be stylish and modern without being too fussy. Impressed.


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