Quick Style Fixes for Busy Mums

It's not vanity. It's self-respect.

Cuff bracelets are amazing.

Once in a while I get flashes of inspiration so powerful I feel like Brian Cox must feel ALL THE TIME, especially when he’s looking into a sunset, contemplating life’s energy.

Or posing next to a tiger cub… look. It’s hard to say what’s cuter.


Anyway, what? Oh yes. Flashes of inspiration.

I had one this week and here it is.

Cuff bracelets.

They are so cool. Why have I not realised this before?

This very cool street style tumblr has, obviously.

I love the contrast of the slouchy luxe jumper with the metallic cuff. Then it’s all set off by the red polish. Divine.

street style cuff bracelet

It’s also such an easy look for a busy mum to pull off. If you have a massive oversized jumper lurking around somewhere and some bright nail polish, all you now need is a metallic cuff and you’re away.

(If you’re looking for a huge grey jumper like the one above, check this one out.)

Women, embrace metallic cuffs, and watch in amazement as:

1. Your arms look thinner.

2. You feel yourself getting stronger and more assertive, as you feel a bit Amazonian. Harper’s Bazaar said it best: “Worn on one wrist or both, statement or subtle, the cuff has the ability to toughen an outfit whilst retaining luxury and sophistication.”


If your wardrobe is plain and utilitarian, so much the better. These cuff bracelets need a simple canvas from which to shine.  And, as Harpers & Queen reckon a metallic cuff should be in every woman’s top 10, what more convincing do we need? I am on to a good thing.

Here are just a few I found online to kick-start you off:

UNDER £10:

River Island Gold Tone Minimal Cuff, £8

river island

Embossed Mango Cuff, £3.99:

mango cuff


Top Shop Metal Layer Cuff, £12.50:

top shop cuff


These cuffs are hammered for a more rustic look. Approx £20.30 from this Etsy seller:

hammered cuff bracelet


Aspinall’s Cleopatra Cuff is a bit gorgeous. £125.


Stella & Dot’s Petra Bracelet, £85:



Do you know a wonderful source for cuff bracelets I haven’t mentioned? Tell me here – I’d love to know.

Have  a great weekend and hope you get lots of sleep, lie-ins, breakfast in beds and the odd cuddle.


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