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A blog that makes me thankful to be alive.

Some of you may have seen or heard about a new photo-book which was published last year called Advanced Style.

In a nutshell, a photographer and blogger from New York, Ari Seth Cohen, has devoted himself to capturing the style, flair and verve he sees in older women (and some men – but mostly women.)

I saw a copy of it again this week in my local Blackwells and remembered how beautiful the idea, the blog, and the book, is.

Here are just a few of my favourite images from his blog. From the sublime…

advanced style `

advanced style 2

advanced style3

To the endearingly eccentric:

advanced style4

To the inspirational on so many levels – This woman is 101. That’s right. If I looked that good NOW I’d consider it an achievement.

advanced style 101

I just love any woman who refuses to be invisible, who would rather put on a show than blend into the background, and who doesn’t go beige with age. These women are my style icons and inspire me on so many levels.

You can visit the blog, follow Aris on Twitter (Sample tweet: “Just got this rad Garfield sweatshirt.”) Or learn more about the documentary Cohen is making, and finally order the book. Although I would recommend you ask your bookseller to order it and boycott Amazon, but that’s just me.

Oh, and one more thing:

advanced style the last

Aren’t women cool?


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4 thoughts on “A blog that makes me thankful to be alive.

  1. I love this, thank you for drawing my attention to it. I just LOVE it when I see older women still taking care of their appearance and experimenting with clothes. It says so much about who they are and is a great example of style being ageless.
    I really hope that when I’m an ‘older’ woman that I’ll still have the same approach to dressing and my image at I do today. Fab, fab, fab. Xx

  2. Thanks Karen – I agree completely. These women seem totally fearless – they’re definitely dressing for themselves rather than following convention or rules, and seem to have embraced who they are and be more ageless as a result. Such an inspiration! Hope you are well. xx

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