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I fancy her clothes…

Today felt like the first proper day of spring, didn’t it? Warm sunshine that lasted all day, birds singing, the crocuses peeping out from their hiding places… what could be better?


To celebrate, P. and I went to our local city farm. Now, I love looking at pigs and sheep as much as the next mum…but what I really enjoyed today was feeling everyone’s mood palpably lift in the sunshine. It was as if my entire community just shifted into a slower, happier gear. 

It’s easier to chat to strangers when it’s warm, isn’t it? It’s such a relief to notice people again after months of rushing past each other in massive jackets and scarves. That’s why it’s easier to photograph mums when there’s a bit of sun around –  I feel less guilty about making them stand still. Like Lucy, whose outfit I spotted at the farm. She’s so cool – I did this with one shot and it came out picture perfect. 


This rakish but practical look is perfect for a mum with toddlers or babies because it’s low-maintenance and versatile but still stylish. There’s something about a black and brown palette that really works if you’re in a rush. Black jeans, black coat, tan shirt, brown boots – it sounds so simple on paper, and all you have to do is jazz it up with a metallic necklace like Lucy’s. It will take seconds but looks amazing.

In fact, this colour scheme is something that appears in this category again and again. Black and brown, black and brown – it’s all about the neutrals!

I also love this look because it feels like Lucy’s dressing to please herself, rather than conform to a mumsy ‘mum uniform’. I’ve made some awful mistakes when I’ve bought stuff I thought I should wear… Floral tops, awful jeans, terrible shoes.

Since my last post on these wonderful ladies, I’ve been thinking about how, in comparison, I am a real conformist when it comes to dressing. So I’ve started noticing mums around me if they’re confident and strong enough to let their own rock and roll nature peep out, and that, for me, really comes through with Lucy. 


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2 thoughts on “I fancy her clothes…

  1. Kathy on said:

    Lucy has AMAZING style always xx

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