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Quick trip to Whistles – my oh my

Whistles is one of those brands that, alongside with Reiss, L.K Bennett and Jigsaw, I had consigned to the ‘Never Going to Wear anything That Smart Again’ bin of motherhood (along with ‘Blow-Dried Hair, High Heels, and Small, Impractical Handbags.)

But after a meeting earlier this week I decided to check it out as it was nearby and I fancied – let’s face it – trying on some new clothes.

I had the entire – admittedly small – Park Street store to myself and I was incredibly impressed.

The thing about Whistles clothes is, they may be expensive, but they’re beautifully made. Although the price tag is a bit steep, you can actually see where the money goes – into creating wonderfully tailored and thought-out lines. This is investment clothing at its finest.

Here’s my pick of what’s in store:

Their beautiful white 100% silk ‘Sylvia’ shirt, £95. I know –  totally impractical for motherhood, but it really was a thing of joy. The cut, especially around the shoulders, was perfect, and the cuffs had buttons – a small, quaint touch that made me feel like a 1950s movie star. It felt fantastic on my skin and I just LONGED to be transported to the Riviera, Hollywood, or Paris, even for a few hours, to wear this, drink a gimlet, and think deep thoughts. Yes, it really is that lovely.

Here it is online:

whistles sylvia

Here it is on me:





I also loved this very soft cashmere feel slub top which had sparkly studs on it. It felt so soft and flattering I tried to convince myself I needed it. This sort of jumper could actually work in motherhood as long as you went nowhere near your child. You just wouldn’t want snot, crayon, or food anywhere near it.


Now although this was on the sale rail in store, I can’t for the life of me find it online. I still think it’s worth posting because it’s so beautiful. If you live in Bristol, I recommend you nab it.

Now this dress is online. It’s the  Gloria Lace Dress and it comes in a beautiful deep blue. Here it is online:

gloria lace

And here it is on me:


Here it is in pink:

gloria pink

And here it is in grey (sob)

gloria grey

It felt, as I’d come to expect, absolutely wonderful, really comfortable, well-cut, and well-made. At £175 a pop, the Gloria dress don’t come cheap, but it was one of the loveliest things I have tried on this year and made me feel –  well – like a woman. A woman who doesn’t do any housework. Worth trying on if you have ‘an occasion’ this year.

My glorious half-hour in Whistles made me do a total u-turn on the brand. The clothes are so exquisite and comfortable that I will definitely be returning as soon as I gain disposable income. The styles are timeless and beautifully flattering. So jolly well done.

You can visit their stores online or buy some of their lines from House of Fraser, John Lewis, and Asos (and probably more I don’t know about.) But, as with most things, nothing beats going to the store itself and trying loads on.

In other news – I am going to Bristol’s Cabot Circus 48 Hour Fashion Fix this weekend!

Fashion Fix 374 x 210


I’ll be able to feast my eye on some up and coming S/S lines, meet some other South West fashion bloggers, and let you have the low-down on Monday. Am very excited!

Have a lush weekend.



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