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My love-in with Easter, Part Deux

It’s Good Friday, and so far my day has involved coffee, cake, and watching ‘Room on the Broom’. We are at my parents for the holiday, which means industrial strength G&Ts later, and I’ve just had a nap.

I shall now call it Brilliant Friday, boom boom!

My obsession with Easter continues over at Kat Got the Cream’s blog, where you can find me writing about how a DIY Easter wreath kept my whole family entertained.


Have a fab weekend, xx


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4 thoughts on “My love-in with Easter, Part Deux

  1. Ooh! I just bought two pom pom makers from Amazon, and was wondering what to do with all the pom poms I’ve already made.
    (Pom pom is a satisfying word to say)

  2. Thanks for the guest post missus. My mister has already uttered the words, “ooh shall we make pom-poms when we go away on holiday?” I’m sure the long nights will fly by…:-)

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