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Can I live in your world, Alain Gree?

Imagine a world where there is no thuggery or evil. No computers, no trolls, no worrying about bills, no bad stuff at all.

Now imagine a lot of cute animals – with French names. I said cute animals with French names. 


Think about beautiful flowers, woods, beaches, farms and valleys, where the sun always shines, and ruddy-cheeked people do good things, like pick apples. Or just have a wholesome dance, holding hands.


Hey presto. You have the world of Alain Gree.

Who is he? He’s a French illustrator. You can read about him here.

His is a world where elves roam in cute hats, watched over by owls, on their merry way to some sort of magical tree with a door. And look at those trees! Did you ever see a tree as beautiful as that in real life? No. You haven’t.

(Now I understand why people felt depressed after watching Avatar. This is my Avatar moment.)

anorak alain gree


You can watch this sweet You tube video – it’s only 5 minutes long – as he draws a boy and his pet turtle in a field. The video is set to classical music. After watching it, I felt amazing, like I’d been spiritually cleansed a little bit, and patted on my head by a kindly grandfather. You will too. That’s just the Alain Gree effect.

You can buy lovely posters from Anorak, such as this ‘Happy House’ print:

alain gree poster


Or you can just skip straight to the holding a Gree book in your hand sensation.

I bought mine from Blackwells, (IN YOUR BIG FAT CORPORATE FACE, AMAZON) and here they have a nice big range of Alain Gree titles. (Some of which sadly seem to be out of print – but there’s enough to be getting on with.)

I would start off with ‘My First Book of Animals’, which is £4.99:

animals gree

And then take it from there. These books are an absolute joy and you will love sharing them with the children in your life. I don’t know what’s in your head, Alain Gree, but I bet it’s nice to live there.


Image sources: Anorak Magazine and Blackwells, this lovely blog, and this one too. 


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