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Let’s have a recap.

So, in January, I rashly made the decision to not buy any clothes all year. I also made other resolutions, like perfecting my tumble-turn and eating more fish.

How did I do? Well, there’s good news and bad news, people.

In the bad news corner – I’m not going to lie to you. I bought clothes. So basically, I violated all my self-imposed rules.

*Hangs head in shame*

On a brighter note, though, I have become more thoughtful about what I buy, and better at PUTTING THINGS BACK ON RAILS and giving myself a stern talking to. A jumper from Monsoon went back, as did a beautiful dress from New Look which I found in my local chaz shop.

And 90% of the time, I have refrained from purchasing. But once in a while the weather, or my need to get dressed, got the better of me.

So in total I’ve bought one thermal top and a pair of snowboots (both on sale, both bought in January when it snowed.)

In March, I couldn’t resist Warehouse’s Lurex Tweed jacket, £46, and knew it would be perfect for meetings and interviews. You have to speculate to accumulate, I practically shouted to my crumbling resolutions as I whisked it off to the till. Here it is online:


Here it is on me:



I’ve bought one piddling little H&M top from my local charity shop for £3.50.

so in total, that’s four items, over 12 WEEKS. That’s good, for me.

How have I got on with my other resolutions?

Let’s have a think:-

. I will find another hairstyle to add to my repertoire of ‘up’ and ‘down’. BIG FAIL.

2. I will perfect a tumble-turn. SUCCEEDED! I now find swimming the ‘boring bit’ between tumble-turns, that’s how much I love them.


5. Speaking of food – I will eat more fish. FAIL. It’s all about cheese, bread, and pulses.

6. I will find a few more musicals to add to my collection. SUCCESS! ‘BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS’ AND ‘SINGING IN THE RAIN’.

7. I will wean myself off cheap hair dye kits. I can’t even talk about my hair. It’s like a neglected plant.

But it has been a good few months. Husband got a new job, P. started walking, and I discovered sweet-peas. Blog-wise, it was all about Alain Gree, Julie Goodyear, Whistles, and the wonderful ladies of Advanced Style. I made friends with some great bloggers – Kat, Hayley, and SJ, whose blogs are all brilliant. I also discovered Eeeh Bah Mum and Not Dressed as Lamb.

Why not pay them a visit and say hello?

How about you? What have been your highlights of the first quarter of 2013? Best bits so far, in a nutshell? Tell. 


Tumble turns.

In my previous post I talked about tumble-turns, and you asked me in your thousands* what a tumble-turn was. (*lie)

It’s a beautiful movement that occurs during lane-swimming, and it’s the best fun you can have with a swimsuit on.

Michael Phelps does them. Rebecca Adlington does them. Ryan Gosling definitely does them. (I like to think.)

They look a bit like this:-


Tumble-turns are an act of faith. They urge you to swim AT THE WALL until you are millimetres away from it. It’s madness.

Every fibre of my being screams at me to stop. When practising I have to overcome a voice in my head that says: You crazy?

It is only when you have silenced the Tumble Turn Fear that you can become a true master of the Tumble Turn.

As a novice, I am still learning. Physically, it’s a challenge. Last week I almost choked on my tongue. I end up with my legs akimbo and have to poke my head out of the water to find out where they are.

I get weird looks from the life-guard.

I have to make sure that there isn’t a fast swimmer behind me, just in case things go wrong and I end up blinding them.

But I am strangely addicted to perfecting this beautiful movement. It’s so graceful.

I am also, let’s face it, a bit of a show-off, and I am looking forward to the silent hush of awe from my fellow swimmers the day I finally get it right. And hey, who doesn’t want to impress lifeguards? They look so freaking BORED.

In fact, motherhood and tumble-turns have a lot in common. They both look hard. They both have a definite wall that you sometimes feel like smacking your head against. Sometimes you actually do.

When you start out, you frequently feel the world turn upside-down, have no idea what your body is doing, and feel out of your depth. (ahem.) Both require strength, stamina, and self-belief. When you get them wrong, you’ll feel a bit self-conscious.

But when you get it right – it’s pretty special.

Ryan swimming

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